When Is The Best Time Of Year To Wash Your Window? We Break It Down

Posted by on November 29, 2017 in Cleaning | 0 comments

Window cleaning is an annoying task for any homeowner. But the fact is, it has to be completed! You can’t have a home that is shaded in by poorly cleaned windows. You need to have a home that the light can shine through and brings in a warmth that you don’t expect. That is why you should always focus on ensuring that your windows are cleaned to perfection.

But when should you clean your windows? Is there a time of year that works best for you? Will it matter? By speaking to an expert local window cleaning company in AAA House Cleaning, we have broken down how your windows will look when you clean them in each particular season:

Summertime Sadness

Why it might seem like one of the best times to clean your windows, summertime is always a struggle to get it done. Due to the direct sunlight and heat, the glass window will heat up dramatically and the cleaning solution with dry up quickly, if you don’t clean fast enough. The benefit though is that the sunlight will show any marks or streaks that you can’t see in the dark.

Spring Cleaning

Probably the best time of year to clean your windows. You will have optimal opportunities to get it done as you’ll enjoy both natural light and a perfect freshness to get it cleaned. The only drama you might face, especially if you live in Melbourne, is the fact that you will have to deal with the dramatically changing weather. However, it shouldn’t be a concern if you plan out when you are going to clean your windows.

Autumn Madness

With the amount of rain that happens in autumn, the likelihood is that your windows will be cleaned without you touching it. But that doesn’t mean the actual cleaning will look professional or good in any way. You should still look to clean it yourself – or at least contact a professional to do it for you. One clear benefit is that the window will dry quickly in mild temperatures.

Windows In Winter

It seems mad that you would clean your windows in winter, but the fact remains that you have to clean it when you have to clean it. Our best advice is to do it when it is not too cold, but wild enough that you will enjoy some warmth. This will help dry the cleaning liquid quickly and save you any struggles in battling the cold weather.  Just make sure that your rug yourself up properly.

This is the what will happen when you clean your window during any of the seasons. We hope that you are well advised now on what to do. If you would like any professional help, contact AAA House Cleaning – they have the best domestic house cleaning services in Melbourne. We use them to clean our windows, so trust us!