3 Places To Go On A First Date

Posted by on April 30, 2018 in Dating | 0 comments

First dates can feel like a lot of things to different people, one can feel fear, or excitement, or nervous, anyone can even feel all three. After you’ve met the person through speed dating in Sydney or a speed dating party in Hobart, you have to start thinking about the first date. The best thing to do, is to breath and just think that you might actually have a lot of fun out of a first date. You guys could have a lot in common, or you guys can not agree on anything. With any first date comes thrill excitement and sometimes confusion, but just don’t forget to have fun! If you are wondering what to do on your first date or where to go, here are three of the best places to have the best experience on your first date!

Go To The Movies

Going to the theater or movies can give you the ability to feel out a situation. It gives you the freedom to decide when you want to talk, or even if you want want to talk at all. Movies reveal a lot about people, what things they find funny, if they like horror, or thrillers, etc. This doesn’t mean you won’t get along if you go to a movie that one person doesn’t really like, because there might be chemistry between you two. The best thing about going to the movies on a first date, is the fact that you don’t have to talk the entire time, but still know if you had a good time.

Go For A Coffee Or Tea

This one may seem like a no brainer, but maybe there a few points that favour this activity that you have never thought of yet. It is in a public place, there is a high chance that nothing will happen, but you can still go for coffee publicly. There is also the benefit of getting up and leaving, or making an excuse if its going poorly because coffee doesn’t have a definite timeline. On the other end, if you end up having an amazing time, you could be there for hours, which is great because coffee places are normally open all hours of a day.

Go For Dinner

Dinner can be a very social and intimate event. It can be amazing if there is the right chemistry. Now, the thing with dinner, is that you have to talk, so you can find out pretty soon if you think you will get along with someone. It is a much faster route to finding out if there is chemistry and if you guys have the same interests. Dinners can be long too, if the dinner isn’t served in a timely matter can cause either a long pause, or can open up a debate you didn’t know you wanted to have. Dinners can be great and talk about what you want to talk about!

There are plenty of other things you could do or go during a first date, but always remember to make it a public place, especially if you have never met them before and don’t forget, to have fun! Going on a first date can be thrilling, or nerve-wrecking, but either way you will be out and about and will have a great story no what which way it goes!